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Dra. Sheree is such a pleasant doctor! I can trust her!

Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio Actress, Mother, Daughter

I found the doctor I think I need

Paula Peralejo-Fernandez Wife to Charlie, Mother to Pablo, Traveller @mamatheexplorer

After 2 years of trying to figure what was wrong with me because I’ve been having episodes of extreme emotions, hair fall, short term memory loss, sluggishness & weight gain to name a few. Dra. Sheree has placed me in the Women’s Core program… will help me address/correct my unique hormonal, metabolic, nutrient, cellular profile and need.

Angelu de Leon Actress

The CORE clinic offers one of the best wellness programs here

Reujen Lista Tri-athlete and Rockstar

My life and body have changed for the better. For the first time, my Doctor really LISTENED to me as I took her through my health history and how I've been feeling all this time. It's been nearly a month on this new daily thyroid routine from Dra. Sheree and I have to say I have never felt better…

Crissy Baluyot-Hernandez Talent Manager

CORE has an IV drip for any situation! The athletic recovery helps me recover after being worn-out at tournaments; while the Vitality Boost is just great maintenance for general health!

Paul “Popo” Juarez Head Coach and member of Cagayan de Oro's multi-awarded Jiu-jitsu team, Atos Philippines-CDO

I run several businesses, do development work and I am also a doting mother; I also get tired at times. CORE has helped me feel like I have the energy to do anything and everything! I especially love the vitality drip!

Jenny Munar

I feel stronger, sleep better and have more vitality to enjoy my pursuits and time with my family.

Patricia Cusi Ramos Owner, ShopTilda