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Breast Cancer Prevention

By identifying defective metabolic and hormonal pathways, and genetic predisposition that could lead to breast cancer, CORE offers different treatment modalities that are tailored to specifically help you control your risk.

This program is for women who are healthy but wants to screen their risk for breast cancer, women with family history of breast cancer, women who still have menstrual cycle after the age of 55, women with other breast cancer risks factors such as long history of irregular cycles, obesity, using over the counter pills, have a diet rich in sugary and processed foods and women diagnosed with breast cancer in remission.

Treatment Goals

  1. Identify risk or predisposition to breast cancer
  2. Identify defective metabolic and hormonal pathways that could lead to breast cancer
  3. Eliminate or minimize risk for breast cancer with different treatments tailored for the patient’s needs.

Profile Analysis

  • Metabolic Profile Assay

    This test assesses major metabolic areas that may be compromised by common lifestyle and dietary factors. It also tests for deficiencies in minerals and nutrients of the patient, as well as screen for the presence of toxic chemicals.

  • Comprehensive Hormone test

    This measures a woman’s hormones, hormone metabolism and metabolites that regulates the risk for Breast cancer and uncovers potential susceptibility for Breast cancer.

Personalized treatment and nutritional supplement plan recommended based on your estro-metabolic profile analysis results

Treatment will be customized depending on the identified metabolic and hormonal problems. Treatments could include diet modification, antioxidant protection, detoxification, balancing hormones and other therapies to help achieve breast cancer prevention.

Customized Food Rotation Guide and Dietary Plan